Character & Care



If an aloof, independent cat is what you’re craving, this breed isn’t for you.

Like Burmese, Bombays are Velcro kitties, sticking to your side as if attached.  They greet you at the door when you come home and their favorite sleeping place is in your lap. They love to keep you company and make sure you are nice and warm at night too.


They crave constant attention, and they’ll follow you anywhere to get it...


 People-oriented and extremely affectionate, Bombays tend to love the entire family rather than bond with just only one person. Fanciers say they are particularly good with children and also other pets such as dogs.

Bombays have inherited traits from both their parent breeds. Like the Burmese Bombays are playful and intelligent. Like the American shorthair, they are even-tempered and less talkative than the vocal Burmese. When motivated by empty food dishes or momentary neglect, however, they will speak their minds.

Bombays don’t do well if left alone for long periods so consider getting another cat to provide company for your Bombay if you’re gone all day.



Care and grooming

The tight, short coat sheds very little and requires practically zero maintenance. The Bombay is completely capable of grooming itself, but a rubdown with the palm of your hand or a rubber brush is always a welcome activity. There is very little seasonal variation in the coat. An occasional bath is also a good way to remove dead hairs, if your Bombay will cooperate.

Most breeders use and recommend a high-quality dry food, but will supplement this with raw meat to put on more muscle for showing. The use of raw meat can be risky, however, because of the danger of contamination.

In preparation for showing, exhibitors generally bathe the Bombay three to four days before the show. This gives the coat time to recover some of the natural oils that help give it the proper sheen.


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