The kittens are here...



af Thors kittens leave us earliest at age of 16 weeks when they are fully vaccinated and ID-chipped.

They are registered with SNRF - Sweden's oldest Independent club and  also in CFA and TICA.


Our pet kittens are sold from 6000 SEK and up & show/breeding quality kittens go for no more than 10000 SEK!

We are not impressed by  breeders who overcharge their kittens only because this is a rare breed and trying to look important by flashing prices won by imported cats they did not even breed themselves.

Here at af Thors Cattery we wish for all people longing and dreaming of being owned by a ever loving sweet  bombay to be able to buy one for a fair price.

The right home is much more important than the right wallet.


If you have interest in a kitten from us write us we like you to contact us and tell us a little bit about yourself and your hopes and wishes for you new family member. Do you want it only as a pet or do you prefer to breed and show with it? Would you prefer a boy or a girl and what type do YOU prefer Traditional or Contemporary? In other words a long nosed kitty or a rounder shorter muzzle? See more here Appearance.

We like to keep in contact with all our kittens new owners from time to time since we are not selling you only a kitten we are giving you one of our babies and we want them to be really happy.


March 2010


We have new kitten plans....


Email us for more info on future planned and expected litters!


Do not forget to ask about our thoughts and policy  on selling the kittens 2 and 2  to a reduced price to ensure the little ones a safer and better life in their new homes and families.



Elisabeth Thors & Michael Nyberg

Phone: + 46 90 777 495



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